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Retrieving for Chlorophyll-a Concentration and Suspended Substance Concentration Based on HJ-1A HIS Image

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 3107    


YANG Ting ,ZHANG Hui ,WANG Qiao ,ZHAO Qiao-hua
Paper Keyword
HJ-1A; hyper-spectrum image ( HSI) ; inversion models; chlorophyll-a concentration; solid suspensions concentration; quantitative estimate
Based on geometry correction using ERDAS software and radiation correction using 6S model for HJ-1A hyper-spectrum image( HSI) on May 2 in 2010 and the analysis of spectrum for water data and spectral data of hyper-spectrum image,this paper processes original spectrum data of 28 sample points using method of normalization and method of first-order derivation. Single-band and band combination are selected to establish inversion models of the concentration of chlorophyll-a and solid suspensions. Choosing the model with biggest correlation coefficient,the spatial distribution map of the concentration of chlorophyll-a and solid suspensions content in Taihu Lake is acquired. The research results show: Band-73 of hyper-spectrum image which has been normalized shows the biggest correlation coefficient of the concentration of chlorophyll-a,remote sensing sediment parameter shows the biggest correlation coefficient of the concentration of solid suspensions,the result is consistent with analysis of spectral data of hyper-spectrum image. Average relative errors of predicted and measured values are within 30 percent. Spatial distribution map of water quality is consistent with the result of field surveys. Therefore,based on reference of the analysis of sensitive band of spectrum for water data,HJ-1A hyper-spectrum image can give quantitative estimation of water quality parameters in Taihu Lake.
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