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Urban climate hazards: dynamic risk assessment and management

Date: 2022-05-30      View counts: 52    



Global climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme events, such as flooding and heat waves, particularly in dense urban built areas. Rapid urbanization is further increasing climate hazards risk, given the growing concentration of people and assets in cities and the clustering of cities. Accurate information on future dynamic risk of climate hazards and its physical and socio-economic drivers is essential for planning effective and targeted adaptation. This lecture consists of 1) the background of increasing risk of climate hazards facing cities and the significance of risk assessment and management; 2) the detailed methods and procedures that combine hazard, exposure and vulnerability for dynamic assessment of climate risk; and 3) the economically viable engineering solution and resilient land use planning for risk management and adaptation.

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XU Lilai
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Associate Prof.
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Sichuan University-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction
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