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Heavy industrial heat sources detection using on time VIIRS active fire_hotspot data

Date: 2022-01-10      View counts: 574    



Coal seams, coal pile coking, forest fires and volcanoes are hot targets that can be monitored from space. These phenomena have a significant impact on human health, and they can cause large-scale damage to property and release large amounts of aerosols into the atmosphere. In order to better understand the behavior of these phenomena at any given point in time, including their possible behavior in the future, it is necessary to monitor them. Hundreds of thousands of fires related to biomass combustion are detected worldwide every year by using remote sensing data. The process of heavy industrial heat source detection mainly includes data preprocessing, heat source object detection and heavy industrial heat source identification. The course mainly explains the heat source test results of heavy industry in China, the world and Pakistan.

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Caihong MA
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Aerospace Information Research Institute , Chinese Academy of Sciences(AIR-CAS)
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