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Comparison and Application of PDI and MPDI for Drought Monitoring in Inner Mongolia

Date: 2018-09-19      View counts: 5108    


YANG Xuebin,QIN Qiming,YAO Yunjun,ZHAO Shaohua
Geo matics and Informa tion Science of Wuhan University
Drought monitoring
Paper Keyword
perpendicular drought index; modified perpendicular drought index; soil moisture; spectral feature
The perpendicular drought index(PDI)and modified perpendicular drought index (MPDI)we reapplied and compared over the vegetation area of Ming'an town , Inner Mongolia , based on TM imagery .The results show that the determination coefficient of PDI ,MPDI with the measured soil moisture are 0.37 , 0.5355 respectively. PDI and MPDI are both feasible for drought monitoring in our study area, and the monitoring precision of MPDI is higher than PDI .In addition, the comparison of the drought mapping of the two indexes ,and the analysis of the variation trend of the two indexes with the soil moisture both indicated that monitoring results of the two indexes are similar in the whole test area , but in vegetation area, the precision of drought monitoring of MPDI is superior to PDI , this is mainly due to the vegetation impact considered in MPDI.
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