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Institute of China Seismological Bureau crustal

Institute of China Seismological Bureau crustal

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Date: 2017-02-27

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Institute of China Seismological Bureau crustal was founded in 1966 by the China Earthquake Administration. At the beginning of the construction of the name of the Ministry of geology, earthquake and Geological Brigade, after the Xingtai earthquake, Zhou Enlai, the prime minister's cordial care and the direct impetus of the formation of Professor Li Siguang, to undertake seismic geological exploration and research. In 1971 under the State Seismological Bureau (now the China Earthquake Administration), 1986 into Research Institute of the State Seismological Bureau of crustal stress. Institute of crustal stress, China Earthquake Administration, 1998. Has been included in the Ministry of science and technology non-profit public welfare research institute series. Study on the dynamics of the crust is an important base of our country, is the basic theory and Application Research on the Crustal Dynamics, earthquake precursor observation and research, seismic and geological disasters such as the main task of the comprehensive research institute. China Earthquake Administration Institute of crustal stress in continuous development and expansion, the formation of the subject characteristics of their own, especially in the study of Crustal Dynamics and engineering stress measurement in domestic and foreign academic reputation, make a contribution for the national earthquake disaster mitigation.

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