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The Internet Based Spatial Data Analysis and Service

Date: 2017-05-30      View counts: 4949    


Presenter: Shuming Bao

Video topic:The Internet Based Spatial Data Analysis and Service

Abstract:As important strategic resources, national science and technology resources play an important role in world competition. The goal of the National Science and Technology Infrastructure (NSTI) in China is introduced: to support long-term integration and sharing of scientific and technological resources, and to conduct collaborative research in many scientific fields, so that scientific data and knowledge can be discovered and shared across the country. The course outlines how to integrate these Spatio-temporal data effectively, provides methods for different research objectives, and promotes applications in different fields. It demonstrates the spatial data explorer released by the China Data Center of the University of Michigan. It shows how to integrate, visualize, analyze and report spatio-temporal data in different formats and sources in a web-based system, and discusses how Internet data and social media data can be integrated for spatial research and shares some case studies on regional economy, population, environment, and health.

Name of reporter
Shuming Bao
Title of reporter
Ph.D. Professor; Director and Founder
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China Data Institute
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