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Sphere Belt Volume and Surface Area Online Calculator

App description

Sphere volume and quantitative calculation formula:

\(V= \frac {πh}{b} (3r1^2+3r2^2+h^2)\)



  • where
  • R - the radius of the ball
  • r1, r2 - ground radius
  • h - waist height
  • h1 - the distance from the heart O to the bottom center O1

Usage example

Input data:

H—waist height: 8

R-sphere radius: 4

R1—bottom radius: 3

R2—bottom radius: 6

H1—distance from the center of the sphere O to the center of the circle O1: 9

Click "Calculate" to output data

Sphere body side surface area: 201.06

Missing surface area of the ball: 342.43

Sphere body volume: 833.56


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