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Hyperbolic tangent function online calculator

App description

In mathematics, a hyperbolic function is similar to a common (also called a circular function) trigonometric function. The basic hyperbolic function is a hyperbolic sine "sinh", a hyperbolic cosine "cosh", from which a hyperbolic tangent "tanh" is derived, similar to the derivation of a trigonometric function.

Hyperbolic tangent:

\(tanhx = sinhx/coshx=[ e^x - e^{-x} ] / e^x + e^{-x} \),x∈R

y=tanh x, domain: R, value range: (-1,1), odd function, the function image is a strictly monotonically increasing curve that crosses the origin and crosses the I and III quadrants, and its image is limited to two horizontal asymptotes Between y=1 and y=-1.

Usage example:

Number: 5

Click "calculation" to output the result

Hyperbolic tangent: 74.203211


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