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Arccosine inverse cosine function batch online calculator

App description

In mathematics, inverse trigonometric functions (sometimes also known as arcus functions), inverse functions (anti trigonometric functions) or circular functions (cyclic functions) are the inverse functions of trigonometric functions (with appropriate restricted domain). Specifically, they are the inverse functions of sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant and auxiliary functions, and are used to obtain an angle from the trigonometric ratio of any angle. Inverse trigonometric functions are widely used in engineering, navigation, physics and geometry. The inverse cosine function (one of the inverse trigonometric functions) is the inverse function of the cosine function y=cosx(x∈[0,π]), which is denoted as y=arccosx or cosy=x(x∈[-1,1]).


Y(Degrees) Y(Radian) X
180 ̊ π -1
150 ̊ 5π/6 -0.866025
135 ̊ 3π/4 -0.707107
120 ̊ 2π/3 -0.5
90 ̊ π/2 0
60 ̊ π/3 0.5
45 ̊ π/4 0.707107
30 ̊ π/6 0.866025
0 ̊ 0 1

Usage example:

Number: 0.5,1

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