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Similar color color online calculator

Category: Web

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Use this tool to get the corresponding dark and bright colors based on the basic color you input, which is convenient for your web design.

Lightness: refers to the brightness of color, which determines the degree of seriousness.

In the absence of color, the light with the highest brightness is white, and the color with the lowest brightness is black.

There is a gray gradient process from light to dark. In color, any purity color has its own brightness characteristics.

For example, yellow is the brightest color, at the center of the spectrum, purple is the lowest lightness, at the edge of the spectrum, the greater the light reflectivity of the surface of a colored object, the brighter it looks, the brightness of this color The higher.

Color matching taboo: bright + bright; dark + dark

RGB has a total of 3 components, each of which consists of 2 hexadecimal values ranging from 00 to FF, ie 0 to 255 decimal. The three color values of red, green and blue are respectively indicated. The larger the value, the closer to white, the smaller the closer to black.

For example, FF0000, that is, rgb (0xFF, 0x0, 0x0) is pure red, and FFFFFF, that is, rgb (0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF) is pure white.


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