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Bank payment repayment online calculator (equal principal repayment method)

Equivalent principal repayment method
According to area and unit price
Based on the total amount of loans

App Description

The equal principal repayment method means that the lender puts the principal of the loan into every month. When paying the principal of each month, the interest of the previous month is also paid.

Calculation formula: \ (revenue per quarter = loan amount 季 loan period season + (principal - repaid principal amount) × quarterly interest rate \)

Practical example

Such as: with a loan of 200,000 yuan, the loan period is 10 years, for example:

The principal amount is returned in equal quarters: 200,000 baht (10 × 4) = 5,000 yuan

First quarter interest: 200000 × (5.58% ÷ 4) = 2790 yuan

Then the first quarter repayment amount is 5000+2790=7790 yuan;

Second quarter interest: (200000-5000×1)×(5.58%÷4)=2720 yuan

Then the second quarter repayment amount is 5000+2720=7720 yuan;


Interest for the 40th quarter: (200000-5000×39) × (5.58% ÷ 4) = 69.75 yuan

Then the repayment amount of the 40th quarter (the last issue) is 5000+69.75=5069.75 yuan


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