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Online shunt resistance calculator - resistance calculation

Online online resistance is connected to the calculator, and up to 10 resistance values can be input in parallel.

The parallel resistance online calculator can calculate the resistance of 2 to 4 resistors in parallel, and the unit should be consistent in the calculation.

The formula for calculating the resistance of the parallel resistor is:

\(1/R_ and=1/R1+1/R2+1/R3+...1/Rn\)   

For example: 10Ω, 10Ω, 100Ω, 100Ω, the resistance of four resistors in parallel is R and is:

\(1/R_ and=1/10+1/10+1/100+1/100\)

\(1/R_ and =22/100\)

\(R_ and ≈4.5Ω\)

Another example: 820Ω, 1.5kΩ two resistors in parallel after the resistance R and is:

\(1/R_ and = 1/820+1/1500\)

\(1/R_ and =116/61500\)

\(R_ and ≈530.2Ω\)   

Two typical applications for shunt resistors:   

1.There is no suitable resistor: when a resistor with a suitable resistance is not found, it can be obtained by connecting multiple resistors in parallel.

2.The resistance power does not meet the requirements: For example, if a 1W 25Ω resistor is needed in the circuit and there is no hand, then four 1/2W resistors with 100Ω resistance can be used in parallel to replace the power distribution evenly, four The resistance of the resistor should be as uniform as possible.


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