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Standard surface area factor online calculation tool

App Description

Standard surface area coefficient calculation

Enter the value, click on "Calculate" and the result will be displayed.

Calculation formula

\(SSF=\frac {6}{S}×(\frac {W1}{D1}+\frac {W2}{D2}+\frac {W3}{D3}+\frac {W4}{D4} )\)

  • SSF = standard surface area factor
  • S = the proportion of the material
  • W = weight fraction of material
  • D = average diameter of the material

Usage example

Input data: material specific gravity is 0.8; weight W1 is 0.5; diameter D1 is 2; weight W2 is 3; diameter D2 is 4; weight W3 is 5; diameter D3 is 5; weight W4 is 7; diameter D4 is 9, click "Calculate" to display the result.

Output: The standard surface area factor SSF is 7.5.


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