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Spiral antenna online calculation


App description

Helical antenna calculator

Enter the value and click Calculate. The result will be displayed.

Usage example

Input data

Wavelength 320

Click "Calculate" and output the result:

Frequency 0.938MHz; electrical impedance 150 ohm; diameter 1.02e+4

Or enter data

Frequency 0.32MHz; number of turns 40; space between coils is 0.6

Click "Calculate" and output the result:

Wavelength 938;

Antenna gain 24.6;

Electrical impedance 150;

Diameter 2.98e+4;

Space between coils 5.63e+4;

Length of wire: 3.75e+6;

Half Power Beam Width: 10.6;

Beam Width First Nulls: 23.5;

Apperature: 2.02e+ 7


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