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Mortgage deduction tax online calculator

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App description

Select the type of house and the nature of the purchase, enter the unit price and area of the house, and click calculate.

The identification of ordinary housing should meet the following three conditions:

1.The building plot ratio of the residential quarter is above 1.0 (inclusive).

2.The single building area is below 140m² (inclusive).

3.The actual transaction price is 1.2 times lower than the average transaction price of housing in the same region to enjoy preferential policies.

Defining standards for the second suite:

1.When an individual has purchased a house (and above) through a loan and at least one loan has not been paid off, he applies for a loan to buy a house again.

2.When there are two couples, one of whom has not paid off the pre-marital purchase loan, the two of hem want to buy a house in the name of the couple after the marriage.

Usage example

Input data:

Select residential type: Ordinary residential

Choose the nature of your home: First suite

Enter the unit price: 8000

Enter the floor area: 100

Click "Calculate" to output data

Total House Price: 800,000 yuan

Deed tax: 12,000 yuan

Stamp duty: Exempt

Total taxes: 12,000 yuan


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