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Kilowatt turn horsepower online calculator

App description

Watt (symbol: W) is the power unit of the International System of Units. Watts are defined as 1 Joules per second (1 J/s), the rate at which energy is converted, used or dissipated (measured in amps) per second. In daily life, kilowatts are often used as a unit, 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts, and can be written as "瓩" (pronounced: kilowatts, belonging to symbols, non-Chinese characters). In the electrical unit system, Watt = Volt Ampere, but not Volt (VA). Watts are only used to indicate the real power (P) of the AC, and volt-ampere is used to represent the apparent power (S), the ratio of which is the power factor.

Usage example

Input data: kilowatts: 1

Click "Calculate" to output the data:

Horsepower: 1.3404825737265416


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