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Skin Effect Online Calculator

App description

Skin effect calculator

Enter the value and select the unit. The result will be displayed.

The skin effect was originally in the case of a 1883 spherical conductor of Horace lamb, and was extended to conductors of any shape by Oliver Heavis 1885.

The interaction of electromagnetic waves in the conductive material, the movement of the charge in the field of the material to oscillate back and forth in the same frequency of impact. These costs, usually the movement of electrons, constitute an alternating current whose size is the largest on the surface of the conductor. The decreasing current density and depth are called the skin effect and the skin depth is the current drop that measures the distance over the original value of 1/E.

The skin effect in AC power transmission and distribution systems is to some extent the design and practical consequences of RF and microwave circuits. The design of the discharge circuit is also important.

Usage example

Input data:

Frequency: 100MHz

Output Data:

Skin depth: 7.60um


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