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Equal component Butterworth active low pass filter calculator

(Enter any one value - Resistor or Capacitor and
any one value - Resistor Rc orResistor Rd)

App description

Enter the cutoff frequency value, any resistor or capacitor value, any resistor Rc or resistor Rd, click Calculate. The result will be displayed.

Ra = resistance in the filter

Rb = resistance in the filter

(Ra = Rb)

Ca = filter capacitor

Cb = filter capacitor

(Ca = Cb)

Rc = feedback resistor

Rd = feedback resistor

Usage example

Input data: cutoff frequency: 100KHz

Click on "Calculate"

Output Data:

Resistance (Ra = Rb): 10Kohm

Capacitor (Ca = Cb): 0.159nF

Resistor Rc:10Kohm

Resistor Rd: 5.85Kohm


Enter any value arbitrarily - resistor or capacitor

Any value - resistor Rc or resistor Rd


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