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Liquid phase diffusion coefficient online calculator

App description

Enter the value and click "Calculate" to display the result

Calculation formula:

DAB = liquid phase diffusion coefficient (diffusion coefficient of solution A in solution B)

MB = molecular weight of solution B

Φ = correlation factor of solution B

T = absolute temperature

μ = viscosity of solution B

VA = molar volume of solution A

Diffusion can be defined as the mixing of two or more substances or the net motion of a substance from a high concentration to a low concentration region.

The diffusion coefficient can be defined as the ratio of the proportion of the substance represented by the diffusion through the unit concentration gradient per unit area per unit time.

Usage example

Input data:

Solution B correlation factor: 30

Molar mass of solution B: 5

Absolute temperature: 15°K

Viscosity of solution B: 15cP

Molecular volume of solution A: 30Cm3 /g-Mol

Click "Calculate" to output data

Diffusion coefficient of liquid phase: 1.17662e-7Cm2 / S


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   mahnoor   2020-10-13 09:33:51      

Kindly please let us know what 'correlation factor of solution B' means here, in detail

Thank you