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Angle and Radial Conversion Online Calculator

App description

Radian and degree are two different units for measuring the size of an angle. Just as "meter" and "city ruler" are two different units for measuring length. Angle (radian) = arc length/radius the circumference of a circle is 2 π times the radius, so a circumference (360 degrees) is 2 π radian. The length of a semicircle is π times the radius, so a flat angle (180 degrees) is π radians.

Conversion between degrees and radians according to the above, a flat angle is π radian. In other words, 180 degrees = π radian, thus we can know: 1 degree = π/180 radians (≈ 0.017453 radians). Therefore, the formula of converting degrees into radians is obtained: radian = degrees × π / 180.

Usage example

Convert the quantity value used: 1.

Radian convert to degree degree.

Click "Convert" to output the result.

1 radian = 57.295 779 513 degree.


The units you may want to select will be from the list of units entered by the converted converter. Then, select the cells in the converter output units list that you want to convert. Please enter the exact value to convert to from the input box on the left. All conversion results are immediately displayed in the converter's output box.

The available conversion units are: radian, mil, centigrade, degree, minute second, point, circle and angle.


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