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Men's and women's height standard ratio online calculator

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If you're a girl, look here. ↓
If you're a boy, look here. ↓

App description

The following are legendary:

(1) The height of the boy is 9cm higher than the girl's height. Because at that height, the boy can easily kiss the girl's forehead nose and mouth.

(2) The head of the girl is around the chin of the boy. Because of this, the part of the girl’s head that leans on the boy’s face is just the shoulder. It can also be buried in the chest of the boy. It can be said that the bird is dependent on the person. This is probably 25cm. So it is 160 cm vs 185 cm boys. So many 16x.17x boys may be brushed off by girls who have this dream in the first time. Of course, girls will change their minds later. That is part of the girl's dream.

I looked at the ratio of 1.09. It is enough to make girls feel significantly shorter than boys. So it will give boys a clear figure of height difference. But the numbers are so happy. I miss you. If a couple just meets this number, they can leave a message and tell me if you are very happy. Or break up. By the way, make a poll. See if it is accurate.

Is it true that the height difference does not match this ratio or is it not happy for women to be taller than men? Of course not. Love is not just the same condition. Many people will set the conditions of the partner. Then if you know his conditions, look at the objects he later fell in love with or married. I have found exactly the same. This is also a very mysterious thing.

Usage example

Enter your height(cm) here:


If you're a girl, look here. ↓

Your boyfriend's best height is 180 cm.

If you're a boy, look here. ↓

Your girlfriend's best height is 151 cm.


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