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Online calculation of golden ratio

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App description

The golden ratio history can be traced back to the ancient Greek era. At that time, people found that if a line segment was divided into two short sections, and the whole section was long: long section length = long section length: short section length, the division method is called "golden section". ", and the ratio of the length of the two segments that are separated is called the "golden ratio."

As shown in the figure, we divide the line segment into two segments of length x (long) and y (short), respectively, according to the definition of golden section, (x+y): x=x:y. For convenience, we treat y as 1, then after the operation, x is approximately equal to 1.618, which is the "golden ratio" discovered by the Greeks; interestingly, if x is treated as 1, then y is approximately equal to 0.618! This is amazing! In fact, these two numbers (1.618... and 0.618...) are reciprocal to each other, that is, the product of the two numbers is exactly equal to 1, which is very interesting.

The Greeks used the "golden ratio" widely in architecture, art, sculpture, and music, and with the development of science, scientists found that the "golden ratio" is actually found in nature, like the leaves, petals, and snails of plants. The growth curve of the class, etc., find the trace of the golden ratio! In addition, our body itself implies a golden ratio! If the ratio of our height to the length of the lower body (sole to navel) is 1.618, that is the most perfect body!

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1.618 × a:258.88

0.618 × a:98.88


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