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Sector arc length and area formula _ online calculator

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Radius and Core Angle Radius and chord
Radius and Height Division Radius and Edge Center Distance
Chord and Segment Height(Bow shaped) Chord and Side Center Distance
Segment height and edge center distance

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Arc length formula arc length and sector area arc length and sector area

Circle, sector, segment, string and arc length, area online formula calculator

Lines AO and OB are called radii. Lines AC, BC and AB are called strings.

The angle ABC is an inscribed corner. The angle AOB is the central angle.

The curved line is called the arc AB. The line segment OE is the edge center distance and is the height of the triangle AOB.

The line segment ED is arch height, or vector, which is rarely used.

An arc length is equal to

(central angle / 180°) • π • r

The first round yellow area is a fan.

The area of a sector is equal to

(Angle AOB / 360°) • π • r2

Green area (second circle) is a part

Each area is equal

The area of the sector minus the area of the triangle AOB


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