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Photography Depth of Field Calculator_Online Calculation Tool

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App description

Online photography depth of field calculator

Formula for calculating depth of field:

Among them:

δ——Allowable Dispersion Circle Diameter

F——The Aperture Value of the Lens

f——Focal length

L——Focus distance

ΔL1——Front Depth of Field

ΔL2——Background depth

ΔL——Depth of field


Front Depth of Field\(ΔL1=FδL^2/(f^2+FδL)\)

Background depth\(ΔL2=FδL^2/(f^2-FδL)\)

Depth of field\(ΔL=ΔL1+ΔL2=(2f^2FδL^2)/(f^4-F^2δ^2L^2)\)


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