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GPS, longitude, latitude, distance online calculator

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App Description

The earth equator wraps around the earth for a total of 40075.04 kilometers, while @ a circle is divided into 360°, and every 1° (degrees) has 60. The length of each degree and one second on the equator is calculated as follows:



Each minute has 60 seconds, and each second represents 1855.3m/60=30.92m.

The formula for calculating the distance between any two points is

\(d=111.12cos{1/[sinΦAsinΦB十cosΦAcosΦBcos(λB—λA)]} \)

The longitude and longitude of point A are λA and ΦA, respectively, and the longitude and latitude of point B are λB and ΦB, respectively, and d is the distance.

Usage example

Input data:

Longitude of data latitude and longitude A (ddd.dddddd) (E/W)---13

Latitude A (dd.dddddd) (N/S)---24

To digital

Longitude B (ddd.dddddd) (E/W)---12

Latitude B (dd.dddddd) (N/S)---26

Click "Calculate" to get the result:

Distance: 243994.90059096922 m

Distance: 800508.2296516367 feet

Distance: 243.99490059096922 km

Distance: 151.61111138002153 Miles Mile

Distance: 131.74379437359545 nautical miles

Orientation: 24.16813681304315 degrees

Orientation: 0.4218135614600522 radians


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