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Online calculation of air conditioning area - online calculation of air conditioning load power

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Room air conditioning load power online calculator Note: This calculator is for reference only

Please choose the environment. :
Living room dining room Lobby Kitchen Bedroom Conference Room
good commonly Not good.
Single layer glass Double glazing
length (metre )
width (metre)
height (metre)

App description

This calculator can calculate the load power of the air conditioner after inputting the next room type, room insulation performance, glass style and room area.

Usage example

Room type: Living room

Room thermal insulation performance: Commonly

Glass pattern: Single layer glass

Room area:

Length (m): 70

Width (m): 50

Height (m): 2.5

Click "Calculation requirements" to output the results.

BTU/hr:1214075 to 1456875.

W:355625 to 426725.


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