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Rechargeable battery charging time online calculation

Category: Daily

App description

Input parameters: battery capacity mAh; charge current mA; charge loss estimate %

Output parameters: the maximum time, hours and minutes required for the battery to be fully charged;

Charging time (minutes) = battery capacity * 1.2 / current (mA) * 60

Usage example

Battery capacity = 1000mAh; charge current = 50mA; charge loss estimate = 20%

Charging time (minutes) = battery capacity * 1.2 / current (mA) * 60 = 24


The above calculation method does not apply to new batteries. Generally speaking, when the new battery is charged three times before, especially the nickel-cadmium battery and the nickel-hydrogen battery, the standard charging is about 15 hours (0.1C), so that the battery usage time reaches a maximum. In the future, the battery charging time can be calculated by referring to the above method.


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