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Air core inductor inductance and Q value online calculator

Input data
(Q is only used to calculate Q value )

App description

Calculation formula:

\(L=(d^2n^2)/(l + 0.45d) \)

Input data: diameter of the coil d : m coil length

Coil length l : m turns

Number of turns n :

Frequency MHz : (Q is only used to calculate Q value) Calculated value Inductance value

Output data: inductance value L : μH inductor

Inductance Q value Q : No. 8682

Usage example

Coil diameter d = 0.005, coil length l = 0.24; number of turns n = 57,; frequency MHz = 0.137

Inductance value \(L=(d^2n^2)/(l + 0.45d) \)=0.331


Conditional input errors will cause clicks to "calculate" no response


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