Publishing remote sensing images

Let's look at how to publish a three-band remote sensing image.

The difference between image, image and picture concept

Visual products that are commonly referred to as satellite or other sensor devices are referred to as "RS-Image" rather than "image". The concept of "RS-Image" has a broader meaning, and "image" is a kind of "picture". The RS-Image and the image together form the image world.“Image” mainly refers to the world of reproducible images formed by photography, television, film, digital imaging, computer painting, and network imaging, and of course includes remote sensing.

"Picture" refers to a flat media composed of graphics, images, and the like. Note that the definition here is that "image" is not a kind of "picture".The picture is first of all a medium (or medium) that actually exists (can be electronic); in addition, it is still flat. "Picture" is a form of expression of "image".

Adding remote sensing images

Similar to the Mapfile structure used earlier, but need to define the remote sensing image data source:

01 MAP
02     EXTENT -180 -90 180 90
03     SIZE 600 300
04     SHAPEPATH "/gdata"
05     LAYER
06         NAME "modis"
07         DATA "land_shallow_topo_8192.tif"
08         STATUS OFF
09         TYPE RASTER
10     END
11 END

Here's the effect: