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Worst natural disasters of 2015---Flood of a century soaks Chennai, India

2018-04-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Events

Weeks of torrential rains in November caused the worst flooding the southern India city of Chennai has seen in 100 years.

The residents in the capital city of Tamil Nadu state were seen carrying belongings above their heads, walking through the streets chest-deep in floodwaters, while entire riverside settlements were washed away.

At least 379 people died, including 54 in neighboring Andhra Pradesh state, where the floods also destroyed about 100,000 acres of crops worth almost $190 million.

World Vision staff in the area continue their response to the disaster, distributing water bottles; food packets; providing household cleanup kits; setting up spaces for children to socialize, play, and learn; and conducting medical services in relief camps.

World Vision plans to reach 20,000 families in its initial disaster relief response.

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