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A valuable book of escape

2018-05-16  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Social Sciences

Stairs and other safe passage are equipped with emergency lights. When the fire breaks out, people can follow the light to escape. For high-rise buildings that has special refuge floor, you can stay in refuge floor and wait for help temporarily if you are unable to escape from the building.

General buildings have two or more escape stairs. In addition, some high-rise buildings are equipped with stairs for the emergency evacuation, where is the best choice of the fire escape. In order to ensure safety, we should be familiar with these facilities at ordinary times so that we can evacuate calmy and orderly in case of fire.

When you scape, you should use buildings within the smoke prevention stair, enclosed stairway, the corridor outside the window, refuge floor and descent control device in corridor, rescue chute, safety rope and some other facilities as far as possible. For the elderly, weak, sick, pregnant women, children and people who are not familiar with the environment, we should guide the evacuation, help each other and escape commonly.

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