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Seasonal distribution of precipitation in Northeast of China

2017-12-28  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Natural Sciences

Rainfall is quite uneven in this area in one year because of monsoon. It is always rainy in summer, while arid in winter and spring. The amount of precipitation in June, July and August can rise to more than 60% of the total amount. Normally, in July, the rainfall will be the largest, but sometimes, this will be August, which takes up 20% to 35% of annual precipitation. While the rainfall proportion from November to February, merely be 4% to 10%. In April and May, it rains 40 to 120 mms, makes up 10% to 14% of annual precipitation, lower than crops’ needs, which always leads to spring-drought.

Different regions will also affect seasonal rainfall distribution. There is smaller monthly precipitation change in the east part of Yalu River; Tumen River merges with humidly and semi-humidly areas in the downstream of Liao River than arid and semi-arid areas in the west. in Dandong and Benxi, the monthly rainfall ratio between max and min is 20 to 30 times, and Tongliao and Chingfeng station in the west, it even reaches to 30 to 70 times.

The information is provided from Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service.

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