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The main climate feature-temperature of Northeast of China

2017-12-28  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Natural Sciences

Northeast of China lies between 38º43' and 53º30', cross 15 latitude degrees, with a gradually decline in temperature from southeast to northwest as the increase of latitude. The annual average temperature is -5℃ to 10℃ overall. Coastal area of Liaodong Bay in the south reaches to a level above 9℃, and Dalian is more than 10℃. North of Daxinganling mountains in the northwest with a temperature below -5℃, has a dropping temperature for the higher altitude. Temperature difference up to 15 degrees between south and north, and the peak, as well as the coldest place in Northeast, Baitou Mountain, has an annual average temperature of -7.4℃.

In the coldest moon, January, the average temperature of Northeast of China will below -4℃, while the most serious regions, such as Daxinganling Mountains and Xiaoxinganling Mountains, only have -30℃ to -28℃, the extreme low temperature even reached -52.3℃ in Mohe(February third in 1969). In the hottest moon, July, most regions is more than 20℃, except Changbai Mountain and Daxinganling Mountains that is below 18℃, south of Liaohe River is more than 24, and the extreme high temperature is 42.5℃ in Chifeng (1955).

The information is provided from Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service

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