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Chaihe Reservoir of water conservancy project of Liaohe Basin

2018-01-22  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Company

ChaiHe reservoir is located in Tieling City, Liaoning Province, 12 kilometers away from east of Da Bai Li Gou village, Xiong Guan county, is a large reservoir in the middle and lower reaches of Chaihe River tributary of the Liao River, with utilities of flood control, irrigation, water conservancy project with large power generation and utilization of fish. It has a total capacity of 6.36 billion cubic meters.

Chaihe reservoir is one of the basic projects of Liaohe River, it is responsible for severe floods occurred in Liao River,cooperating with Qinghe, Nancheng, Zhenziling reservoirs and embankments, thus the flood volume of stone temple combination does not exceed the safe discharge permit dike 5500 cubic meters per second, and the Liaohe has reached River's flood control standards for the forst time in 20 years. Since the reservoir was put into operation, the spillway has not been spilled except for the flood in 1975 which overloaded the reservoir storage. However, the peak flow of 850 cubic meters per second dropped down to 216 cubic meters per second under the control of reservoir and kept the towns in lower reaches from disasters.

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