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IKCEST DRRKS held course on disaster reduction knowledge service in Sichuan University

2021-07-20  |   Editor : houxue2018  
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The “2021 University Immersion Program” (UIP) of Sichuan University was launched on July 5. Invited by Sichuan University-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction, Prof. Wang Juanle, the Executive Director of Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service (DRRKS) of International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the Auspices of UNESCO (IKCEST), offered disaster reduction knowledge service courses for students. Focusing on social media data, remote sensing data and literature data, the course explains how to use data mining technology to retrieve information and knowledge for DRR. 36 undergraduate students from 10 colleges, including School of Economics, College of Literature and Journalism, College of Architecture and Environment, etc., took the course.


The course comprises four parts. Firstly, taking IKCEST DRRKS funded by UNESCO as an example, the overall progress of knowledge service was introduced. Secondly, it explained the management and application of disaster data, including disaster metadata standard and collection technology, data classification, data release and data quality control. Thirdly, it mainly introduced the disaster information retrieval technology based on disaster big data, including social media public emotion mining based on domestic and foreign covid-19 pandemic cases, flood disaster map based on remote sensing and disaster knowledge map based on bibliometric method. Finally, DRRKS online application about “The Belt and Road Initiative” was explained, and the environmental degradation of China, Mongolia and Russia Economic Corridor and the geological hazard detection and risk assessment of China Pakistan Economic Corridor are illustrated as an example.

In class, Prof. Wang actively interacted with the students and shared the latest research achievements to help them understand the cutting-edge trends of the current discipline. After class, some students gave feedback: “Prof. Wang's classes gave me a further understanding of the data ecology, meanwhile, I learned a lot about the inspection of data quality. The idea of data-driven knowledge discovery is beginning to take root in my mind.”

Disaster big data is a valuable resource for disaster risk reduction. Through the sharing of teaching and research results, students can not only understand the application prospect of disaster big data in DRR, but also absorb these ideas to their professional fields.

Fig 1: Class of Prof. Wang
Fig 2: Class of Prof. Wang

Provided by the IKCEST DRRKS

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