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Flood in Nenjiang River in September 1969

2018-05-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Hydrological

3 times large range of rainfall occurred in the Nenjiang River Basin in mid and late August 1969. The upstream alliance station of Trunk stream occurred peak flow reached 9810m3/s in late August and early September. Catastrophic floods had occurred in the areas below the Alliance since the founding of new China. Dikes in the middle and lower reaches of Nenjiang River overflowed and burst.

Most dikes of Nenjiang River had overflown and burst. The Bo kuqian to Laha county of middle reaches had burst. Moreover, there were 6 grounds which hadn’t dike overflowing. 10 levees were overflown in Nemor River Zhenzi Street to Rich Bailu villages of left bank. There were 12 places burst in the lower part of the river.

Qigihar City suburb Jahr tournament’s embankments of right bank had burst. Xingfu embankment, Qianjin embankment and Qifu highway were overflown. Three embankments of Yuejin Road had burst and the traffic was interrupted. Five embankments of the left bank of Nenjiang River Daang had burst. The Binzhou railway was washed and broken close to 300 meters and The train was suspended for one month. The lower reaches of Nenjiang River on the left bank of Tailai Tuoli River’s all dikes whose length was 47.6 km had burst.

According to an uncompleted statistic, the area of farmland inundation was about 94 thousand Hm2 and 14 villages and 1510 houses were affected. The direct economic loss reached 6 million 500 thousand yuan.

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