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The situation of earthquake in Liaoning Province in 1975

2018-08-20  |   Editor : houguangbing  

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Haicheng district, Liaoning Province in February 4, 1975, covering about 9000 square kilometers. It happened in the populous and industrial area of Liaoning Province. As a result of the earthquake prediction, the local government took advantage of the earthquake prevention measures, the casualties greatly reduced. The earthquake killed directly 1328 people, injured 4292 people. It was very cold in that time, 372 people dead and 6578 people injured because of the cold weather. At the same time, 341 people dead and 980 people injured because of the fire caused by the earthquake. About 462815 houses were damaged, which contributed to the direct economic loss 8.1 billion. The earthquake prediction in Haicheng, Liaoning Province was recognized by UNESCO as the first successful prediction of a destructive earthquake in February 1976.

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