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Flood in the Songhua River in 1991

2018-05-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Hydrological

Rare continuous rainy weather occured in most areas of the Songhua River Basin in June and July in 1991 and there were many heavy rain in the meantime. The great floods which emerged once in 15 or 20 years happened in Nenjiang River, Mudan River and the Songhua River. The actual measurement maximum flood peak flow rate of the Harbin Railway Station in the main stream of Songhua River was 10700m3/s and the maximum flood peak flow of JiaMuSi Railway Station was 15300m3/s. Respectively, they were third and second since 1949 and Heilongjiang had suffered severe floods.

Some of the two provinces in Heilongjiang and Jilin suffered severe floods. According to the statistics, the area of the affected farml and in Heilongjiang had reached 2 million 733 thousand Hm2. The disaster area had reached 1 million 367 thousand Hm2 and the number of the affected population was about 6 million 600 thousand. The housing had collapsed about 74 thousand and 104 people had died, resulting in a direct economic loss of 1 billion 700 million yuan. The disaster mainly came from Suihua City, the Songhua River areas, Qigihar City, Jiamusi City and Mudanjiang City.

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