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The reduction of agricultural production under the influence of the waterlogging disaster

2018-04-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  
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Because of the different calculate methods, it is difficult to collect the reduction of grain production caused by the flood. In this summary, we use the same method- the reduction in the years.

The deduction on the agricultural production in the area where under the influence of waterlogging disaster in the northeast of China. The reduction was 40.5 billion kg in 40 years in the northeast area. Among that, 23.4% came from Liaonin Province and the reduction was about 9.47 billion; 23.4% came from Jilin Province and the reduction was about 9.49 billion; 49.9% came from Heilongjiang Province and the reduction was about 2.02 billion; 3.3% came from Inner Mongolia League and the reduction was about 1.32 billion.The reduction of the agriculture production in the years was 7.32 billion kg and took 18.1% in 1950s, 5.17 billion kg in1960s and took 12.8%, 4.48 billion kg in 1970s and took 11.1 %, 23.5 billion kg in 1980s and took 58.0%.

The maximum of the agriculture production is in 1980s, accounting for 58.0% in the cumulative reduction of 40 years. The below is the proportion in 1980s of the cereal reduction in each province reduction in 40 years, 51.3% in Liaonin province, 55.1% in Jilin, 60.2% in Heilongjiang and 41.6% Inner Mongolia autonomous region. The major reasons were that the acreage influenced by the flooding is large and the output per unit was high, so the reduction also increased. The the reduction in Heilongjiang province was worse than other provinces obviously, accounted for 54%.

The proportion of the ceaeal reduction because of the flood on years reflected the temporal change of the reduction.

In 1950s, the maximum proportion of the cereal reduction in the northeast was in Liaonin province and Heilongjiang province, respectively accounting for 29.4% and 39.6%; in 1960s, still in Liaonin and Heilongjiang, respectively accounting for 28.6% and 43.7%; in 1970s, the maximum proportion was in Heilongjiang and Jilin Province, respectively accounting for 48.4% and 24.8%; in 1980s, the maximum proportion was in Heilongjiang, accounting for 54.9%. So we can summarize that Heilongjiang province takes a large proportion in the cereal reduction in the northeast area.

The economic losses because of the waterlogging disaster

The financial losses caused by the waterlogging disaster, mainly including agricultural losses (the cereal reduction lossess), the cost of drainage and emergency, other losses (such as building and roadway). The economic loss caused by flooding directly was 24.4 billion Yuan in 40 years from 1951 to 1990, converting to the value in 1990 as 40.4 billion Yuan.

The information is provided by Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service.

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