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What should we do in case of sudden mechanical failure?

2018-07-26  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Social Sciences

(1) Tourists should read Notice to Tourists carefully before playing.

(2) Carefully follow the staff's arrangement. Fasten the seat belt or press the safety bar after taking the train in order, and listen to the safety broadcast before starting the equipment.

(3) When a power failure or mechanical failure occurs suddenly during the operation of the equipment, do not panic and try to stay calm and follow the staff's guidance.

(4) When mechanical failure occurs in the amusement facilities, the staff will press the emergency button and evacuate the tourists from the site of accident in order after the equipment becoming stationary.

(5) In case of electrical, mechanical and power abnormality, the staff should quickly start the emergency treatment procedure and calmly respond to them.

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