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The capacities of reservoirs in Liaohe Basin in 1989

2018-01-23  |   Editor : houguangbing  
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By the end of 1989, there had been built 689 large and medium reservoirs in Liaohe basin , that the total capacity is 13 billion and 800 million cubic meters. Among these reservoirs, there are 16 large reservoirs which accounts for 26.08% of the total basin area, the control catchment area is about 57289 cubic meters and the total capacity is about 10 billion and 997 million cubic meters, it was mainly used for flood control capacity about 6 billion and 760 million cubic meters, these large reservoirs had played an important role in the flood control and regulation with the whole basin of Liaohe River. The mainly large reservoirs were including Hongshan reservoir (2 billion and 560 million cubic meters), Erlongshan reservoir (1 billion and 762 million cubic meters), Dahuofang reservoir (2 billion and 10 million cubic meters), Molimiao reservoir (150 million cubic meters), Talagan reservoir (135 million cubic meters), Tuerji reservoir (120 million cubic meters), Mengjiaduan reservoir (120 million cubic meters), Shelihu (118 million cubic meters of reservoir), Dahushi reservoir (120 million cubic meters). The area of 69 medium-sized reservoirs in Liaohe basin was about 17493 square kilometers, which is accounting for 7.57% of the total area, the total storage capacity was 2 billion and 23 million cubic meters. The total storage capacity of 603 small reservoirs was 779 million cubic meters.

By the end of 1988, the total length of the embankment in Liaohe Basin was 8108 kilometers , including 4991 kilometers of main rivers and dikes, 18 important towns and 1 million and 440 thousand hectares of arable land. 9 million and 370 thousand people were protected.

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