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Recalling the snowstorm in early 2008

2018-06-11  |   Editor : houguangbing  

For southerners, if they do not have the opportunity to go to the snow-covered north in the winter, they can't really appreciate the snow-covered world of snow and ice. Children in the South, especially in Guangdong, when they go to school, see texts related to icing or snowing in their textbooks. There is always an urgent expectation that in the winter, when snow falls and the lake can freeze, it can be piled up. Snowman, skating. In the winter of one year, the northern part of Guangdong really ushered in the feeling of "drip into ice" that seems to be looking forward to winter. In fact, it is an unforgettable disaster.

Source: China Weather Net

Link: http://www.weather.com.cn/zt/kpzt/1240955.shtml

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