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Inter-annual variability of precipitation in Northeast of China

2017-12-28  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Natural Sciences

Inter-annual variability of rainfall changes greatly account for monsoon. In Dalian station, average rainfall in 1905 to 1990 is 627.6 mms, among them, the data rises to 708.3mms in 1946 to 1965, 552.6mms between year 1926 to year 1945, and the former 20 years is 155.7mms less than latter 20 years, which makes up 24.8% of annual average precipitation. In Chaoyang station, lies in Liaoxi, annual average rainfall in 1908 to 1990 is 490.1 mms, during which, the data rises to 580.8 mms in 1906 to 1925,443.6 mms between 1926 to 1945, and the former is 147.2 mms more than the latter, which makes up 30% of annual average precipitation.

Successive high flow year and low water year aggravates the extent of flood and drought disaster as well as disaster resistance difficulty. Between year 1905 and year 1990, the annual average precipitation was only 696.7 mms, in 1953 and 1954, that reached to 976 mms and 973 mms ranking fourth and fifth in 86 series. Shuangliao station, between year 1917 and year 1990, the annual average precipitation was only 470.6 mms, in 1917 and 1918, that reached to 713mms and 710 mms, ranking second and third in 74 series. Changchun station, between year 1909 and year 1990, the annual average precipitation was 614.9 mms, in 1985 and 1986, that reached to 821mms and 784 mms, ranking fifth and sixth in 82 series. It was not a rare thing to come across arid years. Haerbin station, between year 1898 and year 1990, the annual average precipitation was 547 mms, in 1975 and 1976, that down to merely 354 mms and 362 mms, ranking fourth and fifth from the end, second and third in 93 series. Chaoyang station, in 1980, 1981 and 1982, the rainfall were merely 300 mms, 273 mms and 275mms, what’s more, adding up those three year’s total number, it only made up 56% of annual average precipitation, ranking last but one, two, three in the series.

The information is provided from Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service.

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