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The natural disasters call for emergency response capacity

2020-11-20  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Natural Sciences

Natural disasters are the production of nature and human society economic system's interaction, which happen along with human's production and change with the increase of population, the advancement of technology and society as well as the utility of natural resources by human both in width and depth. Since the 21st century, with the increasing conflicts among population, resources and the environment, the amount of natural disasters in globe, the economic loss and the disaster-affected populations has increased significantly. Alleviating the effects and loss of disaster as much as possible has become one of the most important preconditions of the sustainable development of human society and economy. While at the beginning of the new century, people, full of bright hope and longings, walking into the new century confidently, a series of natural disasters such as Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, the disaster of sleet and snowstorms in southern China, and the earthquakes happened in Wenchuan, China, Haiti, Chile and the great earthquake in Japan in March, 11th, 2011 caused great loss to human’s life and property. People clearly realized that: the increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters within the globe have been threatening mankind society survival. According to the statistics, the annual economic loss caused by natural disasters reached 20 billion dollars in 1980s, increased to 40 billion in 1990s, while it has reached over 200 billion dollars in some years when coming to the 21st century.

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