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Driving knowledge in special weather

2018-06-12  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Social Sciences

When driving after snow, don't overdo it so as to adapt to the icy road and avoid driving roller. Control the speed. In particular, the vehicle must be controlled at any time when turning or going downhill. If it needs to be accelerated or decelerated, the accelerator should be slowly stepped down or released. Avoid overtaking on icy roads. Don't slide and try to slow down using the braking action to avoid emergency braking. Due to the strong reflection of the snow on the sunlight, it is easy to make the driver photaesthesia, shed tears, and degrade the vision. Therefore, light glasses should be worn in the driving, and take care of rest.

In general, the highway will be closed when the fog reduces visibility to a certain extent. If you do not drive properly in the fog, you are likely to run into danger. Driving in the fog, you are supposed to make sure to open the fog-proof light, headlamp, hazard warning light and beep frequently. If the lights are damaged, don't venture into the fog. The most important thing is that everyone should get off from the right side of the car and leave the road as far as possible. Do not sit in the car. If stop on an emergency area, it's better to get over the parapet and wait outside the roadbed to avoid being hit by reckless car.

The cause of the traffic accident is not only the collision between vehicles. The pedestrians, as an important part of the city traffic, are the biggest victims of the traffic accident. Therefore, for safety, pedestrians should obey the traffic rules. Stop when the light is green and go when the light is green if you want to cross the street and walk on sidewalk. These are the simplest safety common safety sense. Road traffic safety is the responsibility and obligation of everybody.

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