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WDC - Renewable Resources and Environment have passed CoreTrustSeal certification

2019-02-16  |   Editor : bukun  
Category : News

WDC - Renewable Resources and Environment have successfully passed CoreTrustSeal certification on Feb. 14. 2019 and thereby becomes the second CoreTrustSeal-certified global data center of China following Chinese Astronomical Data Center in 2018.

Distribution of CTS-certified data centers

CoreTrustSeal is a certification system newly released by World Data System (WDS). The system, based on three large dimensionalities, i.e., organization infrastructure, data management and technical capability, makes an evaluation on 16 aspects, such as working missions, development and operation&maintenance team, experts team, data quality control, workflow, hardware infrastructure, and data security. CoreTrustSeal has become WDS’s standard member certification system.

The successful CoreTrustSeal certification means that the capabilities of all aspects of WDC - Renewable Resources and Environment have once again been recognized by the WDS organization, and at the same time becomes an important witness to the internationalization enhancement of scientific data centers of China.


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