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The typical cases of natural disaster in China in 1960s

2018-02-01  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Natural Sciences

There are heavy rains in the north and northeast of China in August, 1963, which caused serious flood disaster. The Hai River basin was flooded, the total damage area was 3.4 million hectares and the area of disaster was 2.93 million hectares; the collapsed house was more than 12.7 million and the numbers of dead were 5100.

In the duration of March, 8, 1966 to 29, there were five earthquakes over 6 degree occurred in the Xingtai in Hebei Province and the largest one was in 7.2 degree. The earthquakes affected more than 80 counties and cities in Xingtai, Shijiazhuang, Hengshui, Handan, Baoding and Cangzhou, 8064 people dead, 38451 people injured, 5.08 million houses collapsed, and more than one billion was lost directly because of the earthquakes.

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