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Flood in the lower reaches of Songhua River in August 1960

2018-05-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Hydrological

In late August 1960, a heavy rain fell in South Central and east of Jilin Province and east of Heilongjiang Province. The heavy flood happended in Mudan River, Lalinhe river, the upstream of Di’er Songhua River and Mayi River. Jiamusi Station of main stream of lower reaches of Songhua River whose maximum flood peak flow rate reached 18400m3/s (happen only once in 40 years) , The HONGSHILAZI which was in upstream of second Songhua River appeared a-hundred-year return period flood. Hejiang River and Mudan River areas of Heilongjiang Province and Yanbian areas of Jilin Province suffered from floods.

The flood caused 3 dikes burst and one of which overflowed, all of which were in Jiamusi City and Tangyuan of Main stream of Songhua River. The area of farmland inundation reached about 5 thousand hm2 and the direct loss was about 7 million yuan. Railway from Jiamusi to Mudanjiang City, Shuang Yashan City, Hegang City and Harbin was once interrupted. In the Mudan River basin, dikes breached 80 meters where were in 300 meters east of Tieling city’s highway bridge in Mudanjiang City. Dikes of Linkou County and Ningan City had overflowed. Hailin City’s river banks were flooded with water. The area of farmland inundation reached 44 thousand Hm2 and the direct economic loss was about 35 million 800 thousand yuan.

The condition of the disaster was serious in the Yanbian area of Eastern Jilin Province. Especially, gahari bira river valley of Tumen River Delta and the densely populated area of the village were seriously affected by the disaster. According to the statistics, the affected area reached 21 thousand Hm2. The affected population was 106 thousand, of which 329 were dead. Above the HONGSHILAZI where was in the upstream of Di’er Songhua River. Although great floods had occurred, the region had a small population, so the loss was very small.

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