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Urban flood control standards

2018-04-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  
Category : Social Sciences

Urban flood control standards, refers to the city according to the importance of the region where the type of floods, as well as historical floods and other factors, and the development of urban flood control standards. The importance of the city refers to the city in The country's political and economic status. The types of floods are divided into four types: flood, tide, flash flood and debris flow according to flood.

Urban flood control standards are often divided into design standards and check criteria. The design standard indicates that the flood control works can run often when the design flood flow occurs, and the protection objects (such as towns, factories and mines, farmland, etc.) can be loaded discharge. Check the standard is in the flood flow is greater than a certain design Flood flow, the flood control project will not happen bursting, collapse dam, inverted gate and channel overflow and other issues.

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