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Main tributaries of Liaohe River-The east Liaohe River

2018-03-06  |   Editor : jiping  
Category : Natural Sciences

The east Liaohe River, refers to the east main stream of the upper stream of Liaohe River, originating from the east Liaohe County, Jilin Province with an altitude of 360 m. It flows westward, passing deep valley and Erlong mountain, into plains. It flows south-westward, forming a curve at Chengzishang channel and joins west Liao River in Liaoning Province.

East Liao River flows through Liaoyuan city, Dongliao county, Yitong county, Huaide county, Lishu county, Changling county Shuangliao county in Jilin Province and Xifeng, Changtu, Kangping county in LIoning Province and Khorchin in Inner Mongolia, including 1 city and 10 counties. Its main stream has a total length of 360 km, of which 80% in Jilin Province, and a total area of 11500 square km. It has 88 tributaries (23 big ones: 16 1st grade tributaries and 7 2nd grade tributaries), of which Kalun River and Xiaoliao River are the biggest branches.

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